Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Glam when you can!

   When Cloe wants to be glam .....
We be glam!
My Mother's Day present from my beautiful daughter Cloe

Our serious dork pose!

I love you Cloe Cocoa Bean!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Be Still My Heart....

..... Ryan Gosling !
Need I say more?!
Have you seen Gangster Squad yet?
It's a Must See...... so good!


Awesome Cast! Sean Penn was a perfect villain

Ya..... some bad asses right there!

Um, he wears that fedora WELL!!!!
Goodness, he is good looking!

 Emma looking very glam...love her!

Happy Wednesday Folks!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mod Monday

Happy Monday!
I know its Monday but,
My morning has been fantastic!
  School was canceled and I have been enjoying my Myah's company!
Hope you all have a Super Duper Day!
Yesterday we were in all day , due to the nasty weather!
I did make it out for a quick and not too far trip to the store!
While waiting at the checkout I flipped thru Vogue  and instantly feel in love with
this Louis Vuitton ad campaign!
 And I of course had to share with you guys, cuz that's just
the kind of gal I am!

You know I had to throw in Kate Spade!
I think they are on the same page.... Awesome!

I do wish I had an endless supply of money !!!!!
 How fun are those nails?!!!!
That Kate Spade  never disappoints!

( ps, look at me bloggin' again! I am on a roll :)